Project: Dexamethasone-induced leukocytosis in glioblastoma patients

Submitted February 25, 2023.
Status: Closed to applications.

Submitter and Affiliations
Information about the submitter of this project:
  • Affiliation: Montreal Neurological Institute
  • Degree(s): PhD
  • Specialty: Neurosurgery
This project is not associated with any external affiliations.

Dr Diaz team extracted extensive information on 425 patient over 2 years. Details of the table can be offered upon request. 

We pubished one manuscript on the effect of dexamethasone use on peri-operative complication (In Press). 

Another paper is under review for a survival advantage after metformin use in glioblastoma patients 

Third project (help neeeded here!) Wbc count & neutrophils/Lymphocytes ratio and other parameteres with or without Dex use on survival and other outcomes of GBM patients 

Roles and Responsibilities
Patient data extraction ~ 20-36 hours depending on experience with oacis and number of patients allocated
Manuscript writing (optional)
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    Approximate time commitment:
    5 hours per week over a period of 5 weeks.

  • Mar. 31, 2023
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    Expected time commitment: 5 hours per week for 5 weeks

  • Apr. 3, 2023
    Date of project completion